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Junior Camp is for students who will be entering grades 4-6 in the fall.

Junior Camp starts on Monday afternoon and runs through Friday afternoon.  It follows a schedule similar to Senior Camp and Intermediate Camp.

Three different classes are held each morning.  These classes are part of a three-year cyclical curriculum, which also involves Senior and Intermediate weeks.  Each year's set of classes stands alone, but a student who attends camp from the 4th through 12th grades will attend a total of 27 different classes.  Having a structured curriculum prevents campers from having the "same old thing" year after year.

There is also a morning chapel session with singing and preaching.  Weather permitting, this takes place on "Noble Knob", just a short hike up the mountain.  The picture at the top of this page was taken there, and there is also a great view of the lake.  It's not unusual to see osprey or even eagles flying around.

After supper and "YNI" (
You Name It - a variety of team activities determined by the dean), campers gather for Evening Vespers.  This time involves more singing along with challenging, inspirational speaking.  The evening is rounded out by Campfire - yep, more singing and speaking, right down on the water's edge in front of a blazing fire - followed by team prayer time.
Of course, camp includes a lot of other activities.  Organized sports and recreation pits teams against each other in spirited competition.  There's swimming and boating time where campers can enjoy paddling canoes, fishing, swimming, and tubing.  Campers are encouraged to bring Frisbees, baseballs and gloves, footballs, and things like these to use during free time or as an alternative to water-related activities.  Team activities may include drama/skits, "Kootenai Squares" (our version of Hollywood Squares), or even a crawdad hunt!

And don't forget  the wonderful meals prepared by our cooks.  Spaghetti, fried chicken, and homemade sourdough pancakes are just a few of the delicious foods that may be served during the week.  Sloppy joes for lunch are always a favorite.

Junior Camp at Kootenai Christian Camp offers a balanced, Christ-centered experience with plenty of fun and excitement thrown in.  We hope to see you there!
Out on the boat

Pancakes anyone

Swim Time
Bible, notebook, pen/pencil

Medication (if needed) - ALL medication, including non-prescription medications (pain relievers, antacids, ointments, etc.), must be turned into camp staff upon arrival at camp

Tuition money (if not pre-paid)

WARM sleeping bag & jacket

Appropriate clothing - Dress as a Christian should - Any inappropriate clothing will be disallowed at the discretion of the dean

Towels, washcloth, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste


Bathing suit - please be modest

Flashlight and batteries

A smile and a Christ-like attitude
Foam pad (if desired - a few mattresses are available)

Fishing tackle - Check Montana fishing regulations for license requirements

Life Jacket

Work gloves

Camera (any inappropriate use will result in confiscation of the camera for the duration of camp)

Spending money for missions and camp store

Baseball and mitt



Other sports equipment for free time

Musical instrument (if you play)
Pop, candy, and any other food or drink

Radios, CD/MP3/tape players, iPods/iPads or similar devices

Cell phones

Personal computers/video games/PDA's

Other electronic devices

Comic books, magazines, books (other than the Bible)



Matches and lighters

Tobacco, non-medicinal drugs, alcohol

All electrical appliances

Personal vehicles - Campers under the age of 18 must have prior written permission from the dean to bring a personal vehicle.  Keys must be turned into the dean upon arrival, regardless of camper's age.
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